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Client Competitor and Market Analysis Pack

Looking to recruit, but not sure about how to attract the right talent?

Look no further, LG Engineering Solutions has the in-house capability to provide you with all the information you need to kick start your recruitment process. A Client Competitor and Market Analysis Pack includes:-


CV Writing

We appreciate that getting yourself on the marker and attracting the right attention to your profile can be difficult. LG Engineering Solutions provides a professional CV Writing service where we discuss your CV and create a slick, professional CV that attracts the attention you deserve!

Contingency Search

A Contingency Search is where LG Engineering Solutions will work on a “No Placement No Fee” basis. Essentially, this means we will provide you with suitable CV’s which match the requirements on your job description. This is a good way to benchmark candidates free of charge, alongside individuals that LG Engineering Solutions provide for your vacancy. You can benchmark against internal applications, as well as applications through your own advertisement as payment is only due, if we complete the recruitment process and place a candidate with you!

Retained Search

Looking for a skillset that just doesn’t seem to exist?

For executive or niche roles LG Engineering Solutions provides a retained search service. This means LG Engineering Solutions will provide a shortlist of candidates from direct competitors or candidates who are highly suited for your vacancy, A percentage of the total fee would be due upon shortlist submittal and the rest upon successful placement. Retained searches are extremely popular for niche or executive roles, as often the skillset being recruited for cannot be found on a job board. However, this is where our market knowledge, connections and know-how that we have built up over the years, can allow us to headhunt passive candidates that nobody else has access to.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Going through a recruitment drive but don’t have the in-house capacity to manage?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where LG Engineering Solutions would look for methods to improve your in-house processes. The whole recruitment process would be outsourced to LG Engineering Solutions. RPO’s can significantly reduce to time to hire, whilst also relieving pressure on the in-house Human Resources team.

LG Engineering Solutions would present a detailed analysis of our processes, what we would look to implement, or improve. We would conduct thorough research on hiring trends, market trends, competitor analysis, accessibility to candidates and essentially take care of all recruitment from start to finish.

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